“Please take off your clothes,” I asked in a hushed voice, careful as to not make any noise and attract unwanted attention. Adrian immediately stripped, and I stepped out of the restroom so he could have some space to prepare and breathe.

I stood at the doorway and looked across the gloomy hall stretching up ahead, waiting for him to finish undressing as I discreetly watched out for passersby coming our way. We were at an old sports complex where he runs twice a week. Though I haven’t seen many faces since our arrival, I couldn’t risk the chance of anyone walking in on us and finding a naked Adrian.

As I looked back to check up on Adrian, he was already in the nude. With nothing but his trainer shoes on, he stood in a corner motionless, awaiting my instructions. I motioned for him to stand by the stall and lean on his back. “Push your hips forward and look up.” I glanced once more at the hall as he positioned himself. Once assured, I went back inside, turned the camera on, and commenced with the shoot.




It was noontime, and the sun was at its peak. The light streaming through the broken windows illuminated the dingy restroom and hit Adrian’s skin perfectly, enveloping his nakedness while leaving enough room for shadows to embrace and enhance his compact physique. And as I started taking photos, I couldn’t help but marvel at the beauty which was he.



The shoot was no doubt risky, and I bet most models would need some time cozying up given the precarious set-up. Yet through the lens, I could see how well Adrian had adjusted within just a few minutes into the shoot. With a steady breathing and a relaxed body, he stood with a poise of a pro who’s been modeling for years. He posed with confidence and ease as if posing nude (in a public restroom, nonetheless) was nothing new. He got undressed without second thoughts as if outdoors was home.

But that much was to be expected from Adrian. After all, taking risks and getting naked for some quick outdoor fun is something Adrian is greatly familiar with.



Adrian is your typical closeted neighbor and without a doubt, he’s the kind of next-door buddy you would want to exchange morning greetings with from across the street. He sports a pair of hip reading glasses that match Harry Potter’s rounded specs, and beneath those lenses are big eyes that are good at making mesmerizing stares. His lips are thin yet plump, and they light up his face whenever they break into a smile. Catch him on his way to med school and you would definitely want to bask in his hunk-in-glasses appeal all morning.


Having grown up in an uptight environment, Adrian has already mastered the art of hiding in the closet. Using his quiet personality and athletic physique to his advantage, he hides well and leaves no trace. However, his identity isn’t the only skeleton he keeps in his closet. You see, good-boy Adrian has a secret kink – he enjoys having fun out in the open.


“Harry Potter is to blame,” Adrian laughed as he recalled how he acquired an appetite for such risky pleasures. “I was 17 or 18 at the time, and I was such a promiscuous lad,” he shyly confessed.

“The first part of the movie Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was being screened nationwide, and my daily school allowance couldn’t afford me a ticket to a decent cinema.” Adrian hadn’t mentioned anything yet, but I already had a gist of his story from his limited remarks. His innocent smile turned into a mischievous grin as he recounted the tale, and watching him was both delightful and refreshing that I stayed mum and let him narrate his story for me.


“I was surprised to learn that there were movie houses in Recto that were also screening the film at only 80 pesos. Being an avid fan, I headed straight to the area after school and bought myself a cheap movie pass” Adrian continued. Little did he know that what he had purchased was more than just a pass; it was a ticket to brand-new kind of entertainment.

“I remember the cinema being poorly maintained, and the seats were almost empty when I entered. Only a handful of people were watching, and I noticed some roaming and changing seats.” He sat in a corner, a good few meters away from the screen. Halfway through the movie, Adrian noticed a man taking a seat to his right, only a set of chairs and a narrow aisle separated them. He didn’t make a deal out of it and went back to watching. Yet, just as he was enjoying the show, the man stood up and walked toward his direction.


“He took the seat right next to me, and suddenly I was frightened. I stayed still and wondered why the man sat beside me. He might rob me, for all I know. And too bad if he did; I had nothing much with me that day.” As Adrian contemplated whether to stay seated or walk away, the stranger raised his left hand and placed it on his lap.

“I trembled as I felt his hand caressing my thigh. I was in shock, and I remember him trying to help me ease up,” Adrian continued. I tried to play the scenario in my head, yet I could imagine his fright as I watched him narrate. He was telling his tale with enthusiasm as if he was sharing an amusing experience that had happened over the summer.


Adrian admitted that he found it weird and scary being fondled in public by a faceless stranger. But being a “promiscuous lad” as he put it, the fondling got him aroused in no time. The next thing he knew, the man was unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants. “The theater was dark and cold, yet I was in heaven.”

Adrian was dumbfounded after that bizarre encounter inside the cinema, yet weeks after the incident, his feet brought him back to the busy streets of Recto.  He later learned that the cinema he visited was one of the few old movie houses in the area that served as a refuge for men and gays looking for quick, random pleasures. Much to my surprise and amazement, he admitted that he frequented the theaters for the next 2 years, and there he experienced almost anything and everything men could possibly do in the dark.


Now, at age 25, he’s somewhat proud to have had more than a handful of outdoor sexcapades to share aside from cinema-cruising. He had found thrill and pleasure with strangers from public restrooms to the sandy shores of Boracay, all of them random chance encounters.

“Having sex on the beach was truly exciting and memorable,” Adrian said nonchalantly. “But I think having an orgy with competitive swimmers in a public shower area would be my most extreme outdoor experience yet.” But those tales are reserved for another time.



I asked Adrian to slightly turn his back to the camera and show more of his behind. He did as he was told, revealing a pair of round bosoms. As I focused the lens on his lower torso, I noticed his manhood rising up and making a slight appearance. I could tell he was more than comfortable posing for the camera; he was aroused.

I wondered if Adrian might regard our shoot as another unforgettable outdoor adventure. But just as I was about to ask, I heard footsteps rapidly approaching. I immediately instructed Adrian to lock himself in one of the cubicles and wait. I stepped out of the restroom and was greeted by the roving guard.



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